A man approaches his best friends wife one day
when her husband is at the office.

"Will you go to bed with me?" he asks.

"No, my husband would not approve," she responds.

"What if I give you $1000?"

"Well for a $1000, I think I will. Come back
tomorrow afternoon when he is at work."

So the man shows up the next day and slaps $1000
on the table and they do whatever it was they did.
In the evening her husband comes home a little

"Was my best friend here today?"

"Yes," his wife replies with concern.

"And did he leave $1000?"

"Yes," she replies again, expecting the worst.

"Oh good, what a great pal he is. He came this
morning and asked if he could borrow a $1000
from me and promised to return it this afternoon!"

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